Forthcoming meetings

This section is to give you some idea of what we will be covering in our forthcoming meetings. Our meetings are held twice a month on a Monday and Thursday evening.  In the past we have covered areas as diverse as art therapy, meditation for depression, nutrition and depression, alternative medicines and cognitive therapy. We have had some interesting and well known speakers too, including Dorothy Rowe and the late Times Agony Aunt Sally Brampton. We also hold regular creative evenings, book review evenings and hobbies evenings. There is always a time at the end of the Monday meetings for “check in” which is a time set aside for sharing in small groups. This is a time for us to share in confidence, how we are coping with depression and to support each other. At our  smaller Thursday meetings the entire time is devoted to “check in.”  Please contact us for details of dates and venue as the group is not a drop-in.

MAY 2018

  • Saturday evening  social
    Theatre outing to see One flew over the cuckoo’s nest, Chickenshed Theatre, Chase Side, Southgate, N14 4PE.  Optional meet-up before show for tea at the café.
  • Monday meeting
    Dr Oliver Bonnington –  he will give a talk and lead a discussion on Depression and Stigma. Dr Bonnington is a social scientist with an interest in mental health related stigma and associated perceived discrimination. He teaches at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He has recently been working with depression support groups on this subject and has already interviewed some of our group members.
  • Thursday meeting
    NB Not on our regular Thursday. Please see newsletter for date change for this meeting

    “Check in” meeting: meeting where members share with each other how they are coping. An ideal meeting for newcomers to attend and meet other depression sufferers.

JUNE 2018

  • Monday meeting
    NB: This is a meeting change. Books evening will be postponed to the Autumn
    Remembering Matthew – Matthew was a regular attender at our group for the past 16  years. He sadly passed away in March. This will be a time for members to remember him, pay tribute to him and reflect on what he contributed to the group.  We will have copies available of our  Low cost counselling list which he devoted a lot of time to compiling and updating. Counselling was very important to Matthew and we will be highlighting some of the services he had brought to our attention and used himself

  • Thursday meeting
    “Check in” meeting: meeting where members share with each other how they are coping. An ideal meeting for newcomers to attend and meet other depression sufferers.

JULY  2018

  • Monday meeting
    Sharing memories through photographs.
    Please bring along 1-3 photos which you would like to share with the group. These can be from childhood, holidays or any photo which is important to you. We will be asking members to talk briefly about their photos and why they are memorable. 
  • Saturday social
    Summer walk over Totteridge fields with tea at Finchley Nurseries
    . This will be confirmed by email and by text. Please let us know if you are interested in case we need to change the date which will be dependent on weather.


Please note there are no meetings in August due to the summer closure of our venue. Meetings recommence in September.

  • Social:  annual “bring and share” supper from 7 pm – 10 pm.  The social is open to all who have been attending group meetings. We regret no newcomers.  Please let us know if you are coming. We ask everyone to contribute either a savoury or sweet dish and we will circulate a list in advance. If you don’t know what to bring we can make suggestions. Drinks will be provided out of group funds. Details of the venue which is at a member’s home in New Barnet will be provided to those who sign up to come.

Page updated 12/05/2018