Members’ tributes

Below are tributes to Rob sent in by members of Barnet Depression Alliance. If you would like us to include yours please email us with your message and with instructions as to whether you would like us to post it anonymously or not.

Rob was the ultimate trooper; despite enduring various health, familial and work-related challenges which would have floored most people, including myself, he gave so much of himself to people he knew. Rob was someone I could talk to at DA when I too had work-related issues; this helped me enormously. I shall miss him lots, especially his sense of humour, his zest for life and love of people, literature and music.  —   SKM

Rob’s indomitable spirit was a beacon of hope to all- R.I.P.

I am extremely sad to hear of the loss of a great human being. He was the most kind hearted man and always happy to go to extra mile to assist those in distress. I will miss him. I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the Committee and his friends.  —   M

I am so saddened to hear of the passing of Rob. Rob was just a sterling feller, always ready with an ear and helping attitude. He was very much a man with a can-do spirit and was an inspiration to us all. I got to know him through the Blue Beetle writing group and he became a good friend. I always enjoyed his insights, feedback and laughter and the group is going to sorely miss his positivism. He touched the lives of many and he will be remembered for a long time. Whilst his passing has come as a great shock, he bowed out whilst he was in relative good health, something to be grateful for. He feared a slow demise. I will miss him greatly. He was a fan of my writing and my music – he supported me on some open mic nights – and I’ll sorely miss his support. RIP, Rob. I rejoice that I knew you.  — MM

I only knew Rob a short time , but found him a true inspiration. A man who had encountered great adversity and still faced life with courage, compassion and Humour.  Unfortunately, I did not know him well, but am very saddened by the news and will miss his warm and courageous spirit.  —  LT

Robert, as he always introduced himself, “but you can call me Rob” was the first person who formally introduced himself to me at the end of my very first DA meeting.  He immediately made me feel welcomed and at ease.  As a fellow stroke survivor, we also had a lot in common.  Especially during our discussions about Barnet services, or should I say the lack of them!!   Rob’s passion and drive in helping, supporting and campaigning was infectious.  I haven’t quite reached the point of marching on number 10, but am supporting and helping in my own way.  We go through life and we meet people for a reason, a season or for a lifetime.  I met Rob for a reason, he was only with me for a season but he has left an imprint for a lifetime.  Thank you Rob, I will never forget you.  You are one of a kind.  –DM

I was so saddened to hear that Rob had died. He was an inspiration to me. Facing so many obstacles in his life, he remained positive and proactive in helping others. We will miss him , but his kindness and humanity will live on.

Rob was a courageous and friendly man.    I was always bumping into him around Barnet,    He was a familiar sight around town and will be sadly missed.   — TM

Never shall we forget your strength, courage and love. You are greatly missed mate, but the journey will continue with your guidance.  — Jay

Shocked and saddened to hear about Robert.  I used to do his writing classes at Blue Beetle and Place 2B and they were always great fun.  Rob had huge knowledge and was always ultra supportive and helpful.  Kind, insightful, caring and funny he made you feel important no matter what your contribution was.  His fantastic work and wonderful character made him one of the greats.

In one of our  meetings some of us brought in music which cheered us up and made us feel good.  I brought in a CD of the African band, Ladysmith Black Mambazo.  The singing was in Zulu and although none of us could understand it, we agreed it was a hauntingly beautiful sound.  It gave me goosebumps!  Rob and I had a chat about it afterwards and he said how much he loved the music, so I lent him the CD. A few months passed and I thought I would ask him about it and then I forgot.  I am really pleased I forgot!  It meant he could continue to enjoy listening to Ladysmith Black Mambazo.   Rob….you were loved by many. Rest in Peace.   — AB

“I was so very sad to hear of Rob’s death two weeks ago.  I am a member of a self-help group which he had helped run with Anne for a few years.  He was always kind, caring, sensitive and non-judgemental and he felt passionately about the neglect of mental health services and the mentally infirm.  He worked tirelessly as a volunteer in the mental health world in Barnet and I heard much about his work with others.  He was also employed on the mental health wards in hospital.  I respected him enormously for the work he did.

I knew that he suffered much pain during his life and would often ask him how he was. He never complained and didn’t share the details. Helping others seemed to be his way of getting through his difficulties, thinking of others rather than himself. He had a gift for communicating with people and making them feel good about themselves.

I first knew Rob when he joined our group as a member about 14 years ago and he stayed for a few years.  It was good to see him again when Anne asked him to share the running of our group with her.  We all spent a very happy January (New Year) celebration this year at his favourite restaurant in Finchley.  I have that memory in my mind when I think of him.  He was loved and respected by many people and his passing is a great loss.  I will miss seeing his friendly face at our meetings. I am very pleased to have known him.  May he now rest in peace.” — MC

Rob was very modest, very down to earth and pleasant … one of the nicest people in this world. — AG